Watchet Summertime started in 2011 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of Watchet Marina, and due to its success a local group of volunteers decided to organise an event again for 2012, which was very successful. We are planning 2013 and hope this will become an annual event. The period in August has been selected in the summer holidays between established well-run events like 'Watchet Live' Carnival and the 'Kids Festival' at the end of July, and Watchet Live Music Festival at the end of August. It aims to provide a week of entertainment, this year from 4th - 10th August 2013, that will be attractive to Watchet residents and visitors alike. Activities will encompass water based events  in the harbour and marina, land based on the Esplanade, and even air based with some helicopter fly-bys from the RAF (subject to operational  priorities)

The committee of Watchet Summertime are members of many local organisations who are participating and supporting the events

Committee                                                                  Affiliated to

John Irven Chair                                   Watchet Conservation Society & Library Friends            
Roger Ham     Vice Chair                            Roger's Toy Shop       
Rhian Childs         Treasurer & Membership       'Gay Archer' Watchet Marina
Jo watson Secretary                             Resident
Rachel Irven       Publicity Officer                    Resident
Molly Quint                                                                  Watchet Wednesday Market, Watchet Conservation Society
Jon Fairman                                                                 Infinity Marine Boat Restorations
Lin Hart    Local trader
Jason Robinson    Swain House B&B
Lesley Peters    Blondies Hairdressers
Paul Reynolds    Resdient

In addition we have many others who are helping organise their particular activity.

If you wish to contact anyone please use the 'contact us' page

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